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Choosing the right car insurance is about all about driving without any worries. At we will help you find the best car insurance in Dubai, providing the most competitive offers from leading auto insurance Dubai companies. We will send the estimates directly to you so that you can get the most affordable price on vehicle insurance policy that suits you best.

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Looking for the cheapest insurance in Dubai? has made the process very easy. Just fill out the form available on our website and our experts will rank quotes from cheapest to the most expensive. Make the most of our online car insurance Dubai facility that will allow you to choose the best car insurance. Once you find yourself a reasonable coverage plan, our professionals will put you through directly to the insurance broker.

To avail the best car insurance Dubai online coverage, remember to

  • Carefully explore your options – avoid going for extra frills and pay only for what you really require
  • Drive with care as how well-kept your car is will impact the insurance rate
  • Always pay the insurance company on time as it will lower the premiums and you can avoid late penalties

As a reliable online insurance Dubai service provider, will help you pick out the perfect company that will meet all your safety requirements. We can get you multiple quotes online with just a click of few buttons. Finding cheap insurance is simple – all you have to do is fill out the form, request a quote, and leave it on us to give you a list of online quotes. Compare rates and get the coverage you need. So, let us get started to give you the best insurance deal.

Why Vehicle Insurance Dubai is Important?

Like many other countries, car insurance is mandatory by law in the UAE as well. So, no matter where you are located in the area, if you are driving without a proper insurance policy then you might be subject to penalty by the authorities. Whether it is car insurance Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Dubai, will provide you with plenty of options. The right kind of insurance policy will not just protect your car in the event of an accident but will also help with medical expenses, financial liabilities, and legal consequences. Compare car insurance Dubai options and choose a plan that provides the maximum coverage.

Car Insurance Types In Dubai


In Comprehensive Car Insurance, the insured vehicle is protected from all kinds of damages that includes accidents, fire, and theft. It also pays out to the third party in case of liabilities.


The Third Party Liability Car Insurance is the most basic car insurance policy offered in the UAE. It gives the owner protection against third party liabilities like injuries or vehicle damage. With this type of coverage, the policy holder’s own damages – to the vehicle through collision, theft, and fire are not covered. In third party insurance the owner has to meet the repair cost himself.